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A brief description of Architects, Engineers, and Builders and Developers in Costa Rica, along with a list of helpful government websites related to construction.

Helpful Construction Resources

Architects & Engineers

One important thing to know about Costa Rica is that many of the architects around will not be very creative, most create more functional designs. Most of them engineers in disguise. This is shown in most typical Costa Rican homes. This is not to say that there are not hundreds of very talented and genius architects around. When looking for one of these true artists, it is not hard to find one after seeing just a few samples of their past works it will become obvious. These quality arechitects are likely to be a little more expensive, but well worth it. Finding the right architect is important, especially for a more complicated lot and design. For example, a construction on the side of a hill, with a significant slope, an odd shape etc.

Engineers are very serious in general and create very boxy designs. If the design is not a major concern or a lower budget is trying to be met, an engineer will create a very functional uninteresting design.

When interviewing either an architect or engineer it is important to review the status of their license and to make sure they do not have any complaints against them. If working with someone without doing a background check, this could lead to a scam or the person could run off with the money.

Builders - Construction Companies

In Costa Rica there are a variety of construction companies of all sizes. The best bet when building a home is to look for a medium sized company who has been around for a while, has experience, and is established in the market. Many of the large companies have larger commerical projects and sometimes are unwilling to accept just a house or if they do accept, they do not give up as much personalized attention. Some of the smallest companies are usually newcombers so they are still in the trial and errror process. Again, do a little digging around the companies background and ask important questions like how long they have been around and ask to see some of their work. Doing these things usually helps to know how to choose the right company.


Working with a developer of a project can save a lot of time and headaches, even if the end result could be around between 50% and 100% more expensive, than if one were to do the construction alone However, working with a developer is usually the best decision for most foreigners since they will take care of all of the processes and details. There are hundreds of developers in Costa Rica. Normally the largest ones are the most reliable; they have been around for several years and they have had quite a bit of success and experience.  It is important to do a little research about the company. Make sure it is not a developer's first project and ask to talk to some of their past clients.

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