Faxes are still a very popular mode of communication here in Costa Rica. Many middle to upper class homes have one.

Almost any business regarless of its size will have one too. Fax machines are a rather important mode of communication and is usually the place where one receieves many notifications even though we are in an age of cell phones and email. For example, immigration will notify individuals by fax when their residency is ready. Most government agencies still heavily rely on the fax machine. One can even pay property taxes by fax. Many hotel reservations are made by fax as well.

If one needs to use a fax machine, usually the local post office, copy place, some hotels, or internet cafe has one and it is very inexpensive to use. For dialing instructions, please read the phone section. Faxes are somewhat unreliable and sometimes unreadable, so it is a good idea to confirm that a recipient has received clearly any faxes that were sent by following up with a phone call.

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