Costa Rica has logged in to the digital age. There are about one million internet users in a country of about 4 million people. Almost every government agency and large company in Costa Rica has a website and many of them are bilingual which can help one's transition of living here go much smoother.


Costa Rica's telecommunications monopoly known as ICE is not only responsible for phone service, but for internet service too. ICE is the main provider for internet in Costa Rica through RACSA which stands for Radiografica Costarricense S.A.   Alternative Internet and Cable Service Provders are Cable Tica, and Amnet.

Types of Internet and How to Open an Account

Internet speeds with RACSA are a little slower. Internet service is available in metropolitan areas with little to no problem.

Dial-up is available through RACSA and costs around $15 a month for service. In order to solicit a line with RACSA go to any of their offices or in many computer stores one can fill out an application. Present identification and a phone bill where one has service and ICE will hook up internet.

Please keep in mind the dial up will ONLY work at the phone number on the bill provided, so it is not reccomended to use someone else's phone bill. RACSA will give new clients a user name and password. To pay a bill one can have them automatically deduct it from a credit or debit card each month,  or pay the bill online, or at several different locations like at a supermarket.

Internet Cafes and Wireless Hangouts

There are internet cafes all over the country, even in the smallest most remote towns. In San Jose there is one almost on every city block. In tourist areas, one can find several different convenient locations. Normally they charge by the hour which can range from 300 colones to 1000 colones depending on the location and availability in the area. These cafes are extremeley useful for getting school work done or taking care of business since usually the internet cafes also offer a variety of other services such as printing, scanning, copying and fax.

If someone has a personal laptop they can have free wireless access many popular hangout sites, cafes, and professional offices. In Escazu almost every place has wireless access.

When in a public place it is imperative to NEVER  leave a laptop alone even for a second, everyday several laptops are stolen. Sometimes this is due to carelessness and other times there are people targeting certain people who might say, "I think your friend is calling for you, I'll watch your computer until you return." Never trust anyone with personal belongings.

The service can be a little unreliable at times. Usually if one does not have service temporarily neither does their neighbor.

Also, in small neighborhoods usually when one house has wireless several houses have access, so even if one house doesn't perhaps they live close enough to have free service or share the bill with their neighbors.

Buying a Computer

Computers, accessories, and other products at many of the malls and stores at prices either similar to what one would find at home or perhaps a little higher. Usually stores offer the same brands and models found in North America. If bringing a computer from home there is usually no problem doing so.

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