Costa Rica is an educational oasis. The Costa Rican government spends a large portion of their budget on education since they do not have to spend it on their military.

Although basic education can be expensive if you would like to receive quality preparation, further education is very inexpensive which allows people to obtain a variety of specializations or degrees. Most of the lower class Costa Ricans usually make it through 8th grade and then they begin working in a trade. Middle class Costa Ricans usually make it through high school and onto college. Upper class Costa Ricans almost all make it through college and many are priveleged enough to study outside Costa Rica as well.

Education in Costa Rica is similar to or even harder than in North America. Costa Rica has some excellent further education programs. Great, accesible, affordable education has made Costa Rica a really great investment location, where foreign businesses can find prepared bilingial employees.

If you are going to be living in Costa Rica you really must learn Spanish, not so much because you have to, as you will encounter lots of people who speak English, but because it will enhance your quality of life here two-fold.

If you will be moving with children you can research all the options for schoold that you want, but it is certainly recommend that if you can your child attend a private school.

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