Some parents moving to Costa Rica with children do not have enough money for private school, yet realize public school is not challanging enough for their child. In this case, many parents opt for homeschooling either as a primary means of education or supplimentary to the public school option. This way the child can continue to learn in their native language as well. Parents who select this method often times team up with other parents to rotate; thereby, giving the group of children support in different areas and allowing the parents to divy up the work load.

Doing homeschool is not an easy option and it is very time consuming. This option is for parents who have the time and the patience to dedicate to their child's education.

There are no laws governing homeschool in Costa Rica, but it is not recognized as a legal entity and therefore may not count.

The plus about doing homeschool is that you can teach your child about whatever you see fit. The negative is that they miss out on some of the social interaction received in a public or private school setting.

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