Tourist Visa Requirements

This section details how to obtain a tourist visa to visit Costa Rica.

Obtaining a tourist visa in Costa Rica is quite simple. Citizens from US, Canada, and most European countries do not need to apply before entering the country. Upon arrival one only needs to enter with a current passport to obtain a 90 day visa stamp in the passport.

It is important that during a stay in Costa Rica that an individual carries at least a photocopy of the first page of their passport and a copy of the page that has the entry stamp in case one is stopped by any officials.

If planning on staying for more than 3 months then one will need to exit the country at least every 90 days and for a minimum of 72 hours before being  readmitted into Costa Rica. After 90 days in Costa Rica a quick escape to the Colombian islands nearby, Venezuela, Panama or any other nearby countries is a nice little vacation or one may return to their home country.

If you are frequently entering and re-entering into Costa Rica Immigration officials may ask one to prove with a financial statement that they have the means to support oneself for the next 90 day entry visa.

If citizens are from other countries not mentioned above there are different requirements to enter Costa Rica depending on nationality. Consult the immigration official page to see each countries category and requirements. In most cases a restricted visa limiting the number of days or entries will be issued and the person will have to pay a deposit which is refundable upon leaving the country.

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