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Eleonora Zuniga

Eleonora completes the trio of artists in her family. Both her husband and daughter share her artistic abilities. Eleonora has a unique way of expressing nature onto the canvas.

  • Eleonora Zuniga
  • Eleonora Zuniga
  • Eleonora Zuniga
  • Eleonora Zuniga
Eleonora Zuniga
Costa Rica, Alajuela, Alajuela, Alajuela, Alajuela
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  • Arts and Entertainment: Events & Venues, Galleries, Exhibits, Art Shows, Visual Artist

Born in Alajuela, Costa Rica in 1949.

Raised by her artist parents, the sculptor Manuel María Zúñiga Rodriguez and the craftswoman Consuelo Jiménez López, in a enviroment where plaster figures and public sculptures prevailed.

From an early age, she handled the sculpture tools, brushes and paints. She learned from her parents about polychromy and decorative sculpture.

She expanded upon this instruction in her father’s library, teaching herself about famous artists such as Leonardo D' Vinci, Miguel Ángel, Rodin, Picasso, among others; all while she continued with her academic education.

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