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We like to eat...and drink...and have fun with our friends! So we designed a menu of ‘small plates’ featuring fresh tropical ingredients from right here, in Costa Rica. Enjoy tasty cocktails made with fresh tropical juices, and a great selection of New World Wines, all available by the glass. Come on up to our treehouse, and bring your friends!

Costa Rica, Guanacaste, Carrillo, Playa Hermosa
From Occidental Grand Papapgayo 3.5 km (2.2 miles): Leave the hotel and drive 1.2 km until you come to a T junction. Turn right, and drive 2.3 km until you reach Playa Hermosa. Ginger Restaurant is on your left.
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Spring Rolls $5
Rice paper wrapper filled with pork, vegetables and cellophane noodles. Wrap them in lettuce and mint leaves, and dip them in the spicy Thai dipping sauce.
Ginger Rolls $5
Poached salmon, cucumber, mango, avocado and pickled ginger, in a soft rice paper wrapper, drizzled with a honey, soy and chili sauce and cilantro-basil oil.
Potstickers $5
Tender dumplings filled with a mix of pork, vegetables and spices; steamed then pan-fried, and served with a soy-lime dipping sauce.
Crispy Wontons $5
Fried dumplings are filled with Thai green curry chicken.
Salad of Baby Greens and Roma Tomatoes $7
Dressed with creamy herbed avocado vinaigrette.
Arugula and Escarole Salad $9
Crispy pancetta, grilled mango and feta cheese, balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil.
Ginger's Ahi Tuna $9
Our signature dish A pepper-crusted filet of seared fresh tuna,pickled ginger slaw, tropical fruit salsa and a citrus mayonnaise.
Firecracker Shrimp $11
Jumbo shrimp, marinated with a tangy mix of honey, lime, chili and hoisin, and then grilled.
Popcorn Shrimp $9
Pinky shrimp are lightly battered and fried. Served with Tonkatsu dipping sauce.
Calamari Frito $8
Fresh calamari, lightly battered, and fried. Served with Thai dipping sauce.
Mandarine Fish $9
Pan-fried filet of sea bass with a ginger & mandarine orange beurre blanc.
Peruvian style Seafood Salad $9
Shrimp, octopus, and calamari are tossed with red onions, black olives, sweet corn and cilantro, in a lime and ginger dressing.
Thai Red Curry Beef on Cripsy Plantains $9
Beef shanks are slow-cooked in a Thai red curry, shredded, and served on sweet plantain fritters, garnished with a spicy chili & onion pickle.
Lettuce Cups with Twice-cooked Pork Belly $10
Slow-cooked in a Chinese-style stock, shredded, then baked with a spicy mango tamarind glaze, served with crispy five-spice wonton strips.
Mongolian Ribs $10
Tender pork ribs in an Asian barbecue sauce of hoisin, ginger, black beans and garlic.
Beef Lollipops $9
Tenderloin of beef stuffed with caramelized onions and blue cheese.
Filet Mignon $9
Medallion of tenderloin, served with chimichurri and crispy onion rings.
Mediterranean Roasted Goat Cheese $8
Herb-roasted tomatoes, black olives, rosemary and olive oil.  Served with toasted Ciabatta bread.
Papitas Bravas $5
Crispy oven-roasted baby potatoes, with a Romesco dipping sauce of roasted red peppers, chiles, tomatoes, garlic, almonds, and olive oil.
Chicken Fingers $6
The kids' favorite. Served with salsa rosada dipping sauce.
Ginger's Fries $4
Crispy shoestring potatoes, served with our homemade roasted garlic mayonnaise.


Pavlova– Our signature dessert $6
A nest of meringue, crispy on the outside but creamy and tender on the inside is topped with whipped cream, fresh passion fruit and strawberry sauces, and slices of fresh tropical fruits.
Warm Mango Pineapple Cobbler $6
Served with vanilla gelato.
Warm Chocolate Lava Cake $6
Served with gelato.  (Please allow 15 minutes).
Chocolate PeanutButter IceCream Sandwich $5
Gelato $3
Ask your server for the flavors of the day.
NEW! Mini Chocolate Dolce de Leche Bar $2

A tiny temptation, for when you want just a little something sweet !

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