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Guanacaste Auto Repair

With over twenty years of mechanic experience and being a former professional national and international motor cross campion originating from Austria i have the experience and reputation for quality engineering and great workmanship at honest prices. Car and Bike Repairs of all sorts.

Guanacaste Auto Repair
Costa Rica, Playa Potrero
200 meters North of La Perla, 200 meters west. 200 metros norte de La Perla y 200 metros oeste.
Office Phone
+506 8470 2565
Thomas Rutrecht


Automotive: Other
"We offer a wide range of Auto Repair Services in Costa Rica"

To be dry:

We operate our Mechanical Car Service Center to offer marine, motorcycle, car, truck, and general emergency car, -repair, -maintenance and -precuationary automobile mechanical services.

A bit more personal:

Came to Costa Rica from Austria as a professional Motorcross (KTM) Champion for the love of Biking. I have established a family here in Costa Rica since 2001 and mechanical engineering continues to be my passion. 

If you are in Guanacaste:

Write down our number (whatspp) so we can give you road side assistance.

for all other services email us!

Drive Safe.

Pura Vida


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