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Nosara Spanish Institute

Intensive and semi-intensive Spanish programs located in Playa Guiones of Nosara.

Nosara Spanish Institute
Costa Rica, Playa Guiones
506 Arco Iris, Esperanza, Playa Guiones Nosara
Office Phone
2682 1460
Marco Johanning


Education, Training & Employment Services: Language Training

Nosara Spanish Institute offers a structured weekly program on an ongoing basis. With small groups, university certified Spanish teachers, and comfortable facilities; we provide everything needed to maximize your learning experience.

We use a communicative teaching methodology, where the main goal is the improvement of the student´s communication skills, encouraging spontaneous and creative use of the language, using real communicative situations and activities that teach Spanish in the way we really use it.

Weekly programs

 We offer programs starting every Monday.  Groups are meant to be small, averaging 3-4 students with a set maximum of 6 students. Lessons are from Monday to Friday.

·         Intensive program

4 hour sessions totaling 20 hours per week (morning 8-12pm and afternoon 1:30-5:30pm)

One 20 minute break and one 10 minute break included. Each class/hour is 52,5 minutes.

·         Semi- intensive program

2 hour sessions totaling 10 hours per week (class hours 8-9:40am, 10-11:40am, 1:30-3:10pm, 3:30-5:10pm).Each class/hour is 50 minutes.

*Students are scheduled according to their Spanish level.


Intensive program from $299

Semi-intensive program from $150

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