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City of Heredia

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The capital of the Heredia province, this town has become the high tech area of the country.

Originally established as a town for the weathly elite Spanish settlers, this town has progressed into the 21st century without a doubt.  In fact, computer hardware is the largest export.  The hustle and bustle of big industry is nicely complimented by vibrant feel due to the National University which provide the bars and restaraunts with young patrons.

Here, you get the amenities San Jose has to offer, without that rough, over populated feel.  Not to mention, you could spend a day simply reliving the past, by visiting all of the historic landmarks around town.  Just head to the Parque Central   Simply wander around this area, and you will see the Church of Imacculate Conception, the old Spanish Tower, and the former residence of Alfredo Flores (hence the name of the town La Cuidad de las Flores).

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