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Thank you for visiting Costa Rica Information. Costa Rica is an amazing country with a widely diverse culture, people, history, nature, activities, and geography. Also, Costa Rica has major social, economic and political factors affecting local and international visitors, residents and business owners. Also provided is a special look at Costa Rican Real Estate and all of its facets. Travel to Costa Rica and enjoy one of Latin American's most popular tourism vacation destinations.


Costa Rica has two coasts and with that, two main cultures.  On the Pacific Ocean, typically are the Ticos (Costa Ricans) and on the Atlantic Ocean, especially in and around Limon, is an English-speaking, Jamaican influenced African-Caribbean culture.

A high altitude change throughout the central part of the country offers all ranges of climates. If the desire is to experience a warm and dry climate with seasonal changes, or a jungle to still see the autumn colors in a variety of trees, then the dry forests of the northwest Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the Guancaste province could be your choice.  Tropical climates along the coasts to highland climates occur in all altitudes throughout the mountainous country offering the greatest variety of temperature zones; one of them surely will fit your definition of "perfect climate".

Costa Ricans take great pride in their country and are very honest people. The relatively low crime rate and multitude of natural diversity within such a small space makes living there an experience filled with beauty and excitement. The country offers four types of rain forests and over 60 clearly recognizable volcanoes.

Costa Rica, meaning "Rich Coast", was the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish the use of a national army. Costa Rica ranks 4th in the Human Development Index, among Latin America countries. In terms of the Environmental Performance Index, Costa Rica ranks 5th in the world and number one in the Americas. Purchasing Costa Rica Immobilien / Real Estate is popular especially amongst North Americans and Europeans for several reasons.

Costa Rica has a total of  51,100 square kilometers (19,730 square miles) and possesses the greatest density and diversity of species in the world.

The highest point in the country is Cerro Chiripo at 3,820 metres (12,532 ft), the fifth highest peak in all of Central America. The highest volcano in the country is the Volcan Irazu (3,431 m / 11,257 ft).

Also, for more general information about Costa, please click here for an overview of the country.

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