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Traveling to and within Costa Rica is very easy. With all options of transportation readily available in Costa Rica nothing can stop you from exploring this amazing country. Important information on how to make your travels as easy, affordable and safe please consider the following information.

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compass.jpg Where is Costa Rica?

Central America! The second smallest and second most southern country in Central America.

How to get there?

Besides a few boat charters and cruise ships;  flying to either Liberia (LIR) or San Jose (SJO) is your best option. Unless already in Central America and plan crossing the border via either Penas Blancas along the Pan American Highway on the Nicaragua border to the North and Los Chiles. The Panama border can be reached via Paso Canoas on the Pan American Highway on the Pacific side and Sixaola on the Caribbean side via Bus or Car.

International Air Travel

airport.jpg INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS to either "SJO" San Jose International Airport or "LIR" Liberia

(limited International Air Travel via Pavas Airport)

How to best Travel inside of Costa Rica?

In terms of Transportation and Rentals Costa Rica has it all.  The bus system is well advanced, affordable, and quite reliable. A wide variety of Rental Car Companies allow you to rent any size car. And the world's first carbon free airline (Nature Air) as well as Sansa and Helicopter providers let you experience the whole country in no-time.

Transportation in Costa Rica

There are many ways not only to get around town, but to get across Costa Rica. Please be sure to read driving in Costa Rica, even if you are not planning to drive just so you know what to expect on the roads.

Domestic Air Travel

airport.jpg Domestic Flights  
helicopter.jpg Helicopters balloon.jpg Balloon Travel


Ground Travel

hikingtrail.jpg Walking in Costa Rica bicycle.jpg Bicycles motorbike.jpg Motorcycles & ATVs
cartaxi.jpg Taxis car.jpg Rental Cars bus.jpg Buses
horse.jpg Horses info.jpg Vehicles in Costa Rica

Water Travel

carferry.jpg Boats and Ferries sailingcruises.jpg Sailing Charters watertaxci.jpg Water Taxis
boatcruises.jpg Boat Cruises


bed.jpg You will find accommodations throughout Costa Rica so just make it your next vacation destination. Below we list a few beach rentals in the North West Pacific Coast of Costa Rica as examples of soo many amazing rental properites throughout Costa Rica.

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