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Here in this section one can find everything they need for a safe and prepared travel to and inside of Costa Rica. This section is especially critical for those living or frequenting Costa Rica often. Some topics covered include: Emergency Services, Hospitals, Health care options, Medical coverages, Illness / Diseases, Vaccinations, Medical Records and more.


Costa Rica is an exceptionally healthy place to live. In fact, the United Nations has ranked Costa Rica in first place among other Latin American countries for the development of curative and preventative medicine and it also ranks as one of the 20 best in the world. The United Nations also states that about 98% of Costa Ricans have access to healthcare.

Surprisingly infant mortality is lower  and life expectancy is longer in Costa Rica than in the US, for example. Yes, this means that less babies die in Costa Rica and more people live longer than even in many developed nations. Costa Rica has been such a curious case that many doctors such as Doctor Oz from Oprah has done several studies and declared Costa Rica one of 5 blue zones in the world where people seem to live the healthiest, best, and the longest.  After just a few months of living in Costa Rica any stress related health issue almost magically seems to melt away.

In part this occurrence is due to the balanced natural diet Costa Ricans have, high standards for personal hygiene & cleanliness, and it also is attributed to the Costa Rican government that spends a significant part of their budget on healthcare.  Although you would think that because Costa Rica is a developing country in the tropical belt, it must be infested with flies, mosquitoes etc that carry disease; - surprisingly there are not as many as one would think.

Another amazing fact is that people can actually drink the tap water in just about any part of the country. Almost 95% of the population has access to clean, laboratory tested drinking water. This is because again the Costa Rican government spends large sums of money on water and sewage treatment, yet the actual cost of water in Costa Rica is relatively low. Water quality is tested every two months for purity and regulated by the government. This is not the case in many neighboring or other third world countries.

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