Emergency Services

If there is any type of emergency here are the numbers to call:

  • 911: Is for any type of emergency, the operator will then connect the person with the police, ambulance service, firefighters, or the OIJ (Costa Rica's FBI).
  • 118: This will conncet directly to the fire brigade known as bomberos.
  • 128: This will connect directly to red cross.
  • 800/2376-4266: For drug control police in the OIJ.


For car accidents or stolen vehicles you will need to call:

  • 2222-9330/9245: For the Transit police.
  • 800-8000: For car insurance support call INS.


If someone is a tourist call the Instituto Costariccense de Turismo (ICT), the Costa Rican tourism board, has set up a special 24 hour hotline: 800-868-7476 or 800-997-4766.

To contact a private hospital please see the private hospital section for contact info on their websites.

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