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Living in Costa Rica

Live Life Pure "Pura Vida" in Costa Rica! Living in Costa Rica is as vibrant and diverse as its environments. Besides Paradise on Earth and a very welcoming and friendly culture towards foreigners, living here deserves attention to the following:

Perhaps a person is considering retirement in Costa Rica or considering marriage to a Costa Rican and therefore, will have to relocate to Costa Rica. When relocating or now living in Costa Rica there are many considerations to take into account as one will find that life is different and more relaxed in Costa Rica and the rules of the game of life have changed drastically. Some newcombers may suffer from culture shock. For one, the financial aspect of life will have to be adjusted. Getting around using different modes of transportation will have to be used. One may need to broaden one's education and learn Spanish. In order to keep in touch with the outside world and in touch on the inside one might have to adjust to the telecommunications. And as always most people are very concerned with medical aspects of a relocation and the crime & security of their new home country.

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