Whatever somone's reasoning it is always good to do a test trial of at least six months to see if one is suseptable to culture shock, as many retired people have similar complaintsfor why they did not like living in Costa Rica. Perhaps rent a couple of places to see where one would like to live and start exploring all the options.

There are tons of great reasons to retire in Costa Rica, here is the list of the most common top ten:

1) Access to inexpensive medical services.

2) Higher standard of living for lower costs.

3) Great investment opportunities.

4) Legal residency status for retired persons.

5) Plenty of activities, entertainment, things to see, and places to explore.

6) Great mild weather year round.

7) Familiarity and access to stores and restaurants from the US.

8) Low incidence of high crime.

9) Government incentives to property ownership and taxes.

10) Highly educated Costa Ricans, many of which speak English.

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