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Economy of Costa Rica

A stable economy, democratic government, and peaceful society with no need for a military has earned Costa Rica the title “Switzerland of Central America”

Costa Rica's economic history to forecast:

Costa Rica's current and stable economic performance indicators have mainly depended on tourism, real estate, agriculture, investment & business, commodity and electronics manufacturing and trading industries. Other major sectors in the economy that fluctuate more, but that have also contributed to Costa Rica’s economic growth include the service industries, large scale real estate developments, trade, whole and retail sales. Overall, Costa Rica has a relatively good transportation and well developed banking system. To get an idea of where Costa Rica stands, check out Costa Rica's economic indicators and predicted economic forecast.

Starting or expanding your business?

Doing business covers different facets of management and social behaviours; to shed some light on the
diversity of Costa Rica, its business culture and opportunities (link to tax incentives). All information is only to the best of our abilities to try to convey the way of life, business and its problems and opportunities. Other business resources that may be of interest include: costa rican corporations, tax incentives, banking, and risk management.  Our Investment and Economic Forecast sections are not meant as investment advise but rather summarize helpful experiences of professionals in the field.

Current Administration's Progress:

Under Oscar Arias' administration, the government has made strides in reducing internal and external debt. In 2007, Costa Rica had its first budget surplus in 50 years. Reducing inflation remains a difficult problem because of rising commodity import prices and labor market rigidities, though lower oil prices will decrease upward pressures. The Central Bank is moving towards a more flexible exchange rate system to focus on inflation targeting by 2010.

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