It seems that in dentistry, especially with younger dentists is where one can find some of the highest numbers of bilingual professionals. This is perhaps so they can be competitive now that many English speakers are moving to Costa Rica. Cosmetic dentistry has become extremely popular over the last few years with clients leaving to tell all of their friends what quality work they had done in paradise, how well they were treated, and how they even managed to save between $6000 and $18,000.

Dental services are very affordable and the staff in almost any clinic found in the country. Just like any doctor in Costa Rica, dentists must be board certified. Most dentists get their degree from the Universidad de Costa Rica most commonly known as the UCR.

Patients are able to get the same service theywould get at home for just a fraction of the price and without insurance. In fact, services are so reasonable many foriegners are shocked at the savings and quality of work. This is the main reason dental surgeries and such have become extremely popular in Costa Rica.

There is no shortage of specialists in all fields including periodontists and orthodontic surgeons. Again, many of these dentists have done their post grad work either in North America or in Europe. Dentists make slightly less than doctors by working for the government and then having their private practice on the side.

Some of the best clinics now have new mobile clinics that travel around to the poorer areas of the country doing pro bono working by educating the people about dental hygiene and giving them toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss.

The mobile clinics reach out to some of the poorest populations of people. In some cases, whole families of about 12 people using the same toothbrush that they have had for a year and families who simply can't afford a toothbrush since they have to put food on the table as a priority. If anyone can donate to clinics like this can really help underprivileged Costa Ricans by donating time, money, or dental supplies.

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