Many doctors in Costa Rica are excellent, very well trained, have years of experience, and have multiple yet related specialties. On average they seem to be very pleasant to work with and are very positive fun loving people who are passionate about their work.

Many doctors have degrees from the best university in Costa Rica the UCR, a North American school, or European university, or they have multiple specialties. They usually work part time for the government to obtain a salary and then in their own private clinics where they make bonuses seeing patients. Doctors are in general very serious about their work and very happy, caring people. It is best to know the system so that one does not get ripped off by those few doctors who might be looking to take advantage.

Government paid doctors make between $2000 and $4000 a month. If they do what they call “guardias” or night shifts they get paid extra up to $100 extra per shift.  With their private practice they can make around an additional $50,000 a year. Therefore, accredited Costa Rican doctors tend to live very lavish lifestyles and are very well trained. They also have very difficult lifestyles as they seem to be working and studying all the time.

In public facilities, you would not expect to find that all doctors all bilingual. However, in a private facility all doctors almost have to be due to their market.

A visit to the doctor’s office usually runs around $25 and will be more if  a patient needs any lab work done. If visiting a specialist, this fee could be more. Surgeries in public hospitals are pretty much free and in private ones they are just a fraction of the price one would pay in North America.

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