International Medical Coverage

Because health care in Costa Rica is good it is almost always better to take care of any medical issue while living in Costa Rica, even if it is in a private facility. In most cases, any medical attention will cost someone a lot less than in Western Europe or in the United States, for instance. If one is very concerned that things might go wrong here, then they may select a policy that has medical evacuation to one's home country as an option.

If planning to move to Costa Rica and will not be a resident right away, in order to take advantage of the healthcare options in Costa Rica then consider an international medical coverage plan.

Just in case somones does not have any medical insurance upon arrival, they will be comforted to know that by law all Costa Rican hospitals & clinics are required to accept any and all patients who need emergency care regardless of their nationality. However, if their situation is not considered an emergency they will need some kind of insurance to have their issue addressed. It is a good idea to try and have this all in order when one comes to live in Costa Rica.

There are hundreds of companies that offer extended global healthcare plans and plans for expats. By doing a Google search alone tons of options pop up. It is difficult to recommend a plan without knowing more about one's medical history, but take time, ask good questions, and negotiate for all the services one wants and needs.

Normally, the private hospitals & clinics in Costa Rica make their best effort to work with these types of international insurance companies so that individuals can use their hospital's services. In fact, many of these hospitals have special claims departments that can tell patients exactly what is covered and what is not.

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