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Abriendo Mentes

Non For Profit Organization that strives to educate children

Abriendo Mentes
Costa Rica, Playa Potrero
Potrero Centro, Salon Communal
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Education, Training & Employment Services: Other

Welcome to Abriendo Mentes!

A nonprofit literacy organization enhancing education and empowering communities in rural Costa Rica.


Abriendo Mentes provides free afternoon classes and activities in rural communities of Costa Rica. Our classes combine English language instruction (ESL) and art activities with critical thinking and literacy building exercises, in an effort to promote enhanced education and to "open minds".

Through our community based teaching programs, we also offer hands-on volunteer opportunities, where individuals who have a willingness to help, are able to make a significant impact in a rural community.  The current project of Abriendo Mentes is located in the small village of Playa Potrero, Guanacaste, on the north western coast of Costa Rica.

The ultimate goal of Abriendo Mentes is to empower each community member with the knowledge and resources needed to achieve a better standard of living and promote economic stability.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information about Abriendo Mentes. Please fill out the form below or email us directly at


Contact us via regular U.S. Mail or by phone at:
Opening Minds Latin America
3310 Crosspark Ln.
Houston, TX 77007
Skype U.S. Phone: +(713) 893-8334
Costa Rica Phone: +(506) 8704-3830

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