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Art Glass

Ruth exemplifies the use of glass for art. She explores the use of lighting, color and design with her pieces. Ranging from large sculptures to chandeliers to windows and door panes, Ruth can transform a the area into a thing of beauty. Map location is not exact.

Art Glass
Costa Rica, San José, San Jose
Office Phone
+011 506 2 231 1616
Cell Phone
+011 506 8 816 1516
Ruth Moreno G. Drag to share


Arts and Entertainment: Visual Artists

Artist Statement:

The glass, transparent companion of countless possibilities, allows me to travel in space and time, offering alternatives to join magically the ancient world with the contemporary, always given a shamanistic process: the transformation of matter, always twinned with the interior growth.
In the richness of our America, under the fertile land, lays dormant awaiting to be discovered by those who so desire lessons, stamps and Amerindian symbols of a past full of wisdom and respect for Mother Nature and our planet, well described in the letter from Chief Seattle to President Franklin Pierce in 1855 – about 153 years ago and today more than ever, resonate in this world clashed by global warming: “My words are like the stars, they never die,” he said. Its people have not survived, his words were not heard, but his speech is a great legacy on the thinking of our people.

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