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Suarez Smile Makeovers

Dr Carlos Suarez-Mastache : Universidad de Costa Rica school of dentistry. Rosenthal Institute for Aesthetic Dentistry. New York University. International Affiliate American Dental Association. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Past President SOLA NewGeneration Costa Rica (Seminarios Odontologicos Latinoamericanos)

Suarez Smile Makeovers
Costa Rica, San José, Moravia, 9°57'46.3"N 84°03'03.5"W
Once in Costa Rica, our office address is: 50 norte BAC San Jose, Moravia..
Office Phone
(506) 2241 5652
Dr. Carlos Suarez-Mastache


Medical & Health Care: Other

We train to provide you with excellence in our services. Costa Rica, eldest democracy in Central America, is a health service destiny for patients from around the world. Natural attractions: protected biodiversity, short Pacific to Atlantic beach distance, mountains, volcanoes, and a number of outstanding, first world class Costarrican health professionals are responsible. Patients search quality, reduced costs and tourism, which the country offers. Does lower price mean lower quality? Not in here. Wise businessmen know the facts: in our country there are highly qualified professionals who long to be among the best. Living costs are lower here and overhead is reduced without compromising the product. Reputed computer technology, pharmaceutical, on line service, internet and other companies have established important manufacturing plants and offices in Costa Rica, to sell and serve around the world with quality.










Our main field is aesthetic (cosmetic and esthetic) dentistry: the art and science that allows us to boost your first impression through the transformation of a defficient or common smile into a beautiful, enhanced, bright smile. The process may involve teeth and gums. Check our gallery. Long lasting, natural looking, translucent ceramics are preferred for the changes. The final astounding appearance is designed with proper function, thus, we deliver good looking dentistry and functional, restorative, corrective dentistry.

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