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Monteverde Cloud Forest

Reserva Biológica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde is one of Costa Rica's smallest but most popular cloud forests. It features a wide range of activities such as: asky bridge; lots of accommodations; snake museums; butterfly farms; insect farms; plenty of outdoor activities; and dining options.

This in 1972 privately established Nature reserve covers app. 17,000 hectares (42,000 acres) of mountanuous cloud forest and contains six life zones.  It is located just east of the town of Monteverde in the Puntarenas Province. It is in the higher elevations fo the Cordillera de Tilaran. This area became famous due to its large number of orchid species (approximately 500 species). A long list of species of all sorts are found here in plentiful numbers. (400+ birds, approximately 500 butterlies, 100 mammals, 100+ amphibians and reptiles).

One of the most favorite attractions is to enjoy the wildlife via canopy bridges, ladders, ropes, pulleys, and suspended platforms along its hiking trails. Many visitors also enjoy viewing the natural life at the many zoological establishments such as serpentariums, butterfly gardens, insect museums and hummingbird galleries.

Monteverde is also known for its dairy products; dairy production in the region was started by Quakers who first settled here.  Monteverde produces a large variety of cheeses that are distributed countrywide. Go visit the Cheese Factory (La Lecheria)

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