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Motorcycles & All Terrain Vehicles

There are a variety of different types of motorized vehicles, there are even bicycles with motors that have become a popular economic means of transportation. Another common thing is to see people on dirt bikes. There are several types of motorcyles that come out of Asia that are sold in Costa Rica fairly cheap. Therefore, motorcyles have become one of the most popular forms of transportation in Costa Rica.

Rising gas prices and huge traffic jams known as "presas" are the causes for the influx in motorcycles and scooters one can see on the streets of San Jose. Motorcycles are also except from the license plate restriction laws here in Costa Rica making them and even more popular form of transportation.

In La Uruca (Central America's most traveled road) one will see lines and lines of motorcycles lined up at each stop light waiting for them to turn green.  It may surprise most people to see that despite the fact that riders are required by law to use a helmet many riders do not, or they ride around with their helmets dangling from their arms like an accessory. Most people are also be shocked to see entire families riding around on one single bike.

Here in Costa Rica, true motorcyle entusiasts can buy a Harley Davidson. There is also a company that rents Harley's for tourists. If someone is looking for a more economical motorcycles check out CRmotos.

Additionally, motorcycles are used by many restaurants and businesses to get food and important documents across town in a reasonable amount of time. Messengers and express riders seem to have the most experience so they are pretty careless and seem fearless on the road.

Motorcycles are by far the most cost effective way to get across town. A tank of gas lasts a few hundred kilometers which may be sufficient for a couple weeks and is much cheaper than filling up a small car. Maintenance is also cost efficient. Motorcycles do have to pay a yearly marchamo as well. This is something that motorcycles actually pay more for some reason.

In order to operate a motorcycle legally, one will need to get a special motorcycle license even if one already has a regular driver's license. For requirements on licenses visit CONSEVI's webpage.

Motorcycling is not for everyone. The streets of San Jose can be very dangerous. When thinking about a motorcycle one will need to be a very cautious driver and pay lots of attention where other cars, and especially other motorcycles are at all times. One good trick is to imagine that one is invisible to other cars and therefore becoming more cautious because they can't see most motorcycles.  Not to mention, someone could get caught in one of Costa Rica's famous torrential down pours at any given moment. There are, of course, rain suits, but even then you are still going to be a little soggy.  The rain has way finding the openings and creeping in to find your dry clothes.

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