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Purchase and Investment

Ready to make a real estate investment in Costa Rica? Read all of the following sections first. Take the time to do good background homework, it makes the process much easier to understand and less likely to fall victim to a scam. The below sections were created as a guide through the unfamiliar real estate practices and laws of Costa Rica.

Each of the below sections contain information for anyone who is truly serious about investing in Costa Rica and who would like to have a positive experience. This can only come from knowing what to expect.  The growth outlook should be matched with ones investment horizon. Generally, one should first ask oneself why to invest in Costa Rica. Once that is clear; understanding the ownership rights and real estate terminology are two principal steps in the right direction.  Once you have identified the real property of your choice, being familiar with purchasing process and the associated expenses of attaining ownership is important to not get caught up in a lengthy procedure nor have unexpected expenses negatively surprise oneself.

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