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Moving to Costa Rica

We hope to provide the most useful information to assist anyone considering moving to Costa Rica.


Before considering moving to Costa Rica it is important to do a little research on the Standard of Living. Then one must select the correct Immigration category. This section will outline a very detailed Moving Timeline and Checklist as well as discuss what all will entail an International Movers and Customs. It will also detail how to import a variety of common and  important items such as vehicles, pets, and firearms. We also offer tips on how to avoid Culture Shock in Costa Rica.

Compared with other Central American countries Costa Rican workers enjoy excellent working conditions, living wages, government guarantees, and fair treatment from employers.

This has been the major cause of an influx in expatriates moving to Costa Rica. There are already over 30,000 North American expats retired or part time living in Costa Rica. The country and its population in general graciously welcomes new residents from North America and Europe.

When thinking about moving to Costa Rica try and come down with a nice nest egg of money just in case things do not go as planned.  This could also open the door to more opportunities as well.

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