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Title Companies & Title Guarantees

When you decide to buy a property, you must be certain that after the sale has been completed you will be the true owner of the property. You need to be confident that no liens, encumbrances or other impediments will prevent your free use and enjoyment of the property. Although a Title Guarantee is not required here in Costa Rica it can offer buyers peace of mind

Guarantee for the property owner

The same way you purchase life insurance to protect your interests, a Title Guaranty should be purchased to protect your property title interests. Your real estate investment will probably be the biggest investment you will ever make and loss of this investment can be financially devastating. You need to be certain that you are financially protected from potential losses.

What does a title guarantee provide?

  • Protection against monetary losses, brought about by hidden ownership claims that may be made against the property title;
  • Payment of legal expenses if the company must defend your property title against a claim covered by the Title Guaranty in the local courts;
  • Payment of valid claims against your property title, up to the amount of the Title Guarantee.

Some of the risks covered by a Title Guarantee

    • Invalid documents executed under expired or no existent power
    • False assumption of identity of legitimate property owner
    • Falsification of documents, legal power, and other papers related to the transfer of property title.
    • Liens or other financial burdens charged to the previous property owner.
    • Non-registered property easements
    • Hidden heirs of previous property owners
    • Documents executed by minors of age
    • Invalid Documents delivered after death of previous owner

Once acquired, a Title Guarantee remains in place as long as you own the property, giving you a lifetime of security and peace of mind backed not by a promise but by a company financial stability. Because only one payment is required a Title Guarantee is a cost effective method of protecting your real estate investment and enhancing the value of your property.

Title Companies

There a quite a few title companies now here in Costa Rica. However, the two largest and most used are:

Stewart TitleLatin America

LATCO an exclusive agent of Chicago Title


A couple other options include:

First Costa Rican Title and Trust

First National Title Company

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