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Here is a little sample of who Ticos/Tica's are and what Tiquicia (Costa Rica) is really like. Costa Rica has two coasts and with that, two cultures; on the Pacific Ocean and Central Highlands the Ticos (Costa Ricans) share a unique and welcoming Latin culture and on the Atlantic Ocean, especially in and around Limon, it is English-speaking influenced by Jamaican African-Caribbean culture

The Culture of Costa Rica in general equals that of other Latin American cultures, however Costa Rican culture has its uniqueness, therefore they have a diverse National Identity of Costa Ricans, with their own Traditions, Holidays, and National Symbols.  In addition to get a feel for what Costa Rican culture is like, being familiar with the do's & don'ts, dating and relationships, and the role family plays in Costa Rican life is important.

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