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Major Political Parties

In Costa Rica there are national presidential and legislative elections every four years. Costa Rica is a multi-party system with around thirteen parties. The three main political parties are the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), the National Liberation Party (PLN), and the Citizen Action Party (PAC). PUSC is a Christian democratic party whose colors are blue and red. PLN is a social democratic party whose colors are green and white. PAC is a reformist part but not completely left whose colors are red and yellow.

Other minority parties include: the Liberitarian Movement (ML) which are liberitarian, the National Restauration Party (PRN) which are Christian, the Open Front Party (FA) a leftist group, the All Access Party (PASE) fights for disabled people, the National Union Party (PUN) center right. Several other smaller groups continue to emerge such as the Patriotic Union for Change, the First Patriarchy, and the National Democratic Alliance.

Although small political parties are able to elect representatives to the Legislative Assembly, the PLN and the PUSC have 97% of the votes. Additionally, the PLN has won 7 of the last 12 elections but in each party seems that each party seems to hold the presidency for only one term.

Many Costa Ricans vote according to family tradition, so families stay loyal to a party for generations. Election time often appears to be a time where each party has significant open support from the people.


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