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Destinations by Region

Destinations of Costa Rica are so plentiful that we grouped them by the States/Provinces they are located in. Please choose your area of interest on the map, or scroll below to see a list and to find out what to do and see, and how to get to each destination:

With 755 miles of coastline and two cultures on both the Caribbean Coast and Pacific Coast, the most diverse global climate zones, ecosystems, topography, and fertile volcanic terrain, Costa Rica is on of the most attractive destinations in the world.  Costa Rica has among the highest biodiversity in the world and with that more than enough destinations and things to do that can keep you busy for a lifetime.  Surfing and fishing are popular but the thousands of other activies won't disappoint even the most experienced travelers. Nature lovers have found paradise on earth here and the many beaches let every tourist explore their favorite coastal destination! Simply navigate through the map above or boxes below to find what interests you most!

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