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How to Get Here

Travel Aid for traveling from and to the Arenal Area. Air and Ground transportation are widely available to and from this amazing destination.

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Ground Travel

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From Public to private charter bus and shuttle services to rental cars and taxis this area is very accessible from and to anywhere around. The roads into La Fortuna are paved and in relatively good conditions.

compass.jpg Driving Directions

Transportation Services

Rental Car companies are located in the town of La Fortuna.  Additionally, ATVs and Scooter Rentals are also available.
Taxis are widely available especially in the town of La Fortuna
The Public Bus Transportation network is reliable and allows you to travel from almost any location in Costa Rica to La Fortuna and vice versa.
  • Charter Shuttle Services
There are plenty of charter and limousine services from all major cities throughout Costa Rica, in La Fortuna one can find several such services, as well.

Air Travel


La Fortuna has its own little domestic airport with flights from Pavas and other selected destinations throughout Costa Rica.

Domestic airlines that fly into La Fortuna:

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