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Playa Nosara/ Guiones

Playa Nosara - Nicoya - Guanacaste - Costa Rica. Playa Nosara is another beautiful beach city located on Costa Rica's Pacific northwest coast. Playa Nosara is one of the most well-preserved natural habitats in the area.

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Playa Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula in the Guanacaste region is another well-preserved gem on the Pacific northwest coast of Costa Rica.  Playa Nosara rests on a delta that has formed in between two large rivers, the Nosara River and the Montana River.  Unlike most of the coastal tourist towns in Costa Rica, Nosara is unique in that it has almost no development directly on the beach, so the natural beauty of its beaches and coast are unspoiled.  The local residents of this area are descendents of the indigenous 'Chorotega' tribe, but Nosara is also home to one of the oldest expatriate communities in the country.

In the past, this area had been generally used for cattle pastures and agriculture, leading to large scale deforestation and loss of its natural beauty.  However, efforts were made in the 1970's to reforest and preserve this areas wild habitat.  The Proyecto Americano was started by citizens to preserve forest, and it is now considered to be a permanent 'Green Zone' that consists of over 22 plots of land spanning some 170 acres throughout the project.  The residents of Nosara also formed the Nosara Civic Association to preserve their natural environment, and a logging and hunting moratorium has been in place for over 20 years now.  In addition, much of this area is preserved as part of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge, a refuge put in place to protect Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtle that use this area as a breeding ground.

The official town center of Nosara is located about 6 km inland from the beach.  While most of the hotels and tourist lodgings are closer to the beach, the actual town of Nosara is a small, traditional area with a few restaurants, supermarkets, and discoteques.  Suprisingly, Nosara also has a landing strip on the edge of the town that allows for daily flights from all around the country.  Playa Nosara is a great example of planned, sustainable development and eco-friendly living that should serve as a template for the rest of the country.

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