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Playa Tamarindo

The greater Playa Tamarindo area acts as a surfing mecca for the Northwest Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

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Playa Tamarindo is a world famous tourist destination located on the northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  Playa Tamarindo lies in a sheltered bay formed by a cape called Cabo Velas.  To the north and the south, Playa Tamarindo is bounded by a river and natural salt water estuary that separates it from Playa Grande and Playa Langosta, respectively.  This natural land formation makes for some of the best surfing conditions on the Pacific Coast, which first brought fame to the area.

In the past, Playa Tamarindo was a local fishing and surfing beach community home to many locals and foreigners that moved here long ago.  During the past 10 years, Tamarindo has become very well known as a favorite surfing spot and beach party town.  As a result, the population and property values of this area has skyrocketed and lead to the development of a more complete town.

Today, Playa Tamarindo has a local population of around 2,000 people.  However, the town is much more lively due to the constant influx of tourists to the area.  The old one lane beach road that ran the length of the town is now a real, paved, two lane road dotted with restaurants, surf shops, and surf camps.  During the day, the beach is full of people enjoying the sun, swimming, and of course surfing.  At night, the town comes alive with a number of different local surf bars with a laid-back atmosphere and energetic night clubs.  Playa Tamarindo has something to offer travelers and visitors of all ages and interests.

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