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P - T

National Parks whose names start with P through T

Palo Verde

Located in the Tempisque river basin, this National Park constitutes a bird watching paradise (especially of wetland birds), but also a variety of other fauna. The name of the park is because of a tree: the Palo Verde tree, which has a characteristic green trunk and branches. The vegetation protected in the park is one of the few remnants of tropical dry forest in Central America, and floodplain, marshes, and seasonal pools are also protected.

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Piedras Blancas

Piedras Blancas National Park part of the Osa Conservation Area in the south of the coastal province of Puntarenas. The National Park protects rainforests and beaches near the Golfo Dulce on the Pacific Coast. This is park is famous for its diversity in birds.

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The Poás National Park and Volcano is a stratovolcano (formed by accumulation of material layers from the eruptions), that is part of the Central Volcanic Range. It is located in the Alajuela Province, and it is really easy to access. It is conformed by the former cone of Botos, now filled with cold water, the von Frantzius cone is almost 1 km away from the active cone and is partially destroyed. The main crater has a hot water lagoon that is also acid, a dome partially destroyed and one of the most actives areas, and a plane area made of sediments from recent eruptions.

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Rincon de la Vieja

The Rincon de la Vieja Volcano adn National Park is a massif of four craters: the Von Seebach, the active crater, the Rincón de la Vieja and the Santa María. This place offers to the visitors all the volcano-related activities such as hot springs, mud pools and fumaroles. It protects dry-forest in the Pacific-facing slope and cloud or rainforest in the Caribbean-facing slope.

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Santa Rosa

This park is the largest protected area of tropical dry forest in Costa Rica, and preserves "La Casona" an important house in the history of Costa Rica. This park hosts a camp site and one of Costa Rica's most popular surf breaks called Roca Bruja (Witch's Rock), and Ollie's Point further north.

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Tenorio Volcano National Park protects the highlands of the southern part of the Guanacaste range. It protects the water sources as well as the biodiversity of the area. The volcano has actually two craters, and what makes this place unique is the Río Celeste (Spanish for light-blue river) because has the blue color of the sky in the water.

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A labyrinth of water and mangrove canals in the lowland forests of the North Caribbean Sea. This park is home to a variety of turtles, mammals, caymans, manatees, and endangered green macaws and with no doubt one of Costa Rica's most popular National Park. Green sea turtles nest here every year between June and October. It takes a boat or airplane to reach this remote area of Costa Rica.

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The Turrialba National Park and Volcano is one of the few virgin volcanoes on the Central Valley, as well as the Barva Volcano. So, if you are looking for adventure and you do not care about commodities, this is the perfect volcano for you. The volcano has an elevation of 3340 meters above sea level (the second highest volcano in the country), and it is located near to the Turrialba town in Cartago Province.

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