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I - M

National Parks whose names start with I through M


The Irazú Volcano is an active stratovolcano and is the highest volcano of Costa Rica (3432 m). It is located in the Cartago Province, and on a clear day it is said that one can see both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

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Isla del Coco

largest uninhabited island in the world. Located 305 sea miles west of Costa Rica. Rated as top 10 dive sites of the world. This island is an amazing location without any hazardous animals. The cristal blue waters are so rich with schools of hammer head sharks, giant manta rays, docile whale sharks, and an abundance of sea life. The only way to visit this island is via boats with cabins; as there are no accommodations on the island.

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Juan Castro Blanco

Juan Castro Blanco National Park was created in 1995 and is one of Costa Rica's youngest national parks. It was created in order to protect the vital watershed of Volcano Platanar.

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La Amistad Int.

La Amistad International Park joins the conservation efforts of Costa Rica and Panamá, and with the surrounding parks (Chirripó, Tapantí) was declared World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Located in the southeastern border of Costa Rica, this national Park protects the immense diversity of the Talamanca mountain range and continues into Panamá territory. From all national parks, this is the largest and probably less explored mainly due to only a few people having visited it. This National Park has almost all the life zones present in Costa Rica because of the range in altitude and humidity. If you are looking for a true tropical forest adventure, La Amistad International Park won’t disappoint you.

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Las Baulas Marine

Las Baulas Marine Park protects one of the most important nesting sites for Leatherback turtles (Tortuga Baula, Dermochelys coriacea) in the world. The park protects Grande, Carbón, Ventana and Langosta beaches, the Tamarindo estuary, the mangroves at Matapalo river mouth, the San Francisco River Estuary, and the hills of Morro and Hermosa.

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Manuel Antonio

This is a national park famous for its beaches with white sand derived from coral, surrounded by the exuberant forest. The combination of an abundant wildlife, beaches, and small hills make this National Park unique. It is is one of the few remnants of forest in the central Pacific area. The park represents the the northern limit in the distribution of the squirrel monkey (tití, Saimiri oerstedi) which has unofficially become a symbol of the park. Manuel Antonio is an exclusive place where the visitors can enjoy the wildlife while refreshing in the sea water.

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Los Quetzales National Park

Located in the highlands of Costa Rica, Los Quetzales is a relatively new National Park. Dedicated in 2005, the Los Quetzales National Park is comprised of 5000 hectares, encompassing Los Santos Reserve. Consisting of mostly cloud forest, the park contains 3 types of rain forests and 14 ecosystems, making the area a major life source for both plants and animals.

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