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Isla del Coco

largest uninhabited island in the world. Located 305 sea miles west of Costa Rica. Rated as top 10 dive sites of the world. This island is an amazing location without any hazardous animals. The cristal blue waters are so rich with schools of hammer head sharks, giant manta rays, docile whale sharks, and an abundance of sea life. The only way to visit this island is via boats with cabins; as there are no accommodations on the island.

Isla del Coco (Cocos Island) is located about 350 mi (550 km) off the Puntarenas Coast of Costa Rica. By means of Executive Decree in 1978; Costa Rica made it a National Park. This island is famous for its incredible biodiversity that developed on its own out in the Pacific with organisms off of the Americas; with four bays on a size of only app. 9.2 mi² (app. 23,9 km²). Amongst its rich and extensive reefs and mix of shallow and deep waters; the largest schools of hammerhead sharks in the World are repeatedly sighted and dolphins, manta rays, and other large marine life is consistently found diving here as well.

Thanks to the Island becoming a World Heritage Site, its protective reach expanded into a app. 2,000 km² area marine zone. Only Rangers are allowed to stay on the Island and to visit one needs a permission certificate.

The threats to the island are the human inflicted poaching and fishing practises. Also human introduced animals such wild hogs pose a threat to indigenous ecosystems and species of wildlife and plants on the island.

The island became so popular in part by:

  • PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) named it: "one of the top ten diving destinations".
  • Jacques Cousteau after visiting several times called it "the most beautiful island in the world"
  • high biodiversity and abundance of endemic species (above 500 species of fauna, and 200 species of flora)
  • One of the richest marine and reef life in the Eastern Pacific
  • Large Pirate Treasures are believed to be hidden here (Treasure of Lima, Benito Bonito, others..)
  • Fiction about the Island by Robinson Crusoe, Jussaric Park; and others

Source: participation by Johannes Mayr in a German movie documentary by the ZDF (Second German Television) about the Treasure of Lima, Giesler, and much more related to the Treasure of Isla del Coco.

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