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Repairs to Vehicles

Eventhough other issues related to vehicles in Costa Rica are extremely expensive, fixing a car is usually fairly inexpensive. Depending on how new a car is, maintenance and fixing dings is not an large cost.

There are literally hundreds of auto body shops which is great since this breeds competition and clients can usually negotiate an even better deal. It is imperative that a person shop around and do not simply take their first offer. Even a shop that is right down the block can offer the same services for very different prices. There is really no regulation in this field.

It is key to note there are not too may shops that offer bilingual service. Unfortunately, some people may try to take advantage of non-spanish speaking visitors. Also, sometimes women get taken advantage when it comes to car issues. Nevertheless, one will find repair prices in most cases, due to lower labor costs, to be around 15% lower than what you would expect in North America unless dealing with an agency. Agencies really try and get the most out of their clients by making them have warranty only if thye do maintanence at the agency, where undoubtedly they are always finding little things wrong that are not covered under warranty.

Try a couple of different shops and establish a place where one feels comfortable leaving the car and one knows they are not being robbed blind. This way one can always take a vehicle to a trusted professional nearby and not worry about it.


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