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Manufacturing & Production Industries

A wide range of Costa Rican industries and businesses deal with the manufacturing of electronic, textile, plastics and chemicals, machinery, and assembly etc...

Until just recently, most of the country's industry consisted of small-scale light manufacturing enterprises. This was until 1998 when Intel Corporation's came and demonstrated the very first large-scale manufacturing venture.

Mainly Costa Rica is well known for coffee-drying plants, sugar mills, cheese factories, sawmills, woodworking factories, breweries, and distilleries. There is only one petroleum refinery that is owned by the Costa Rican government. The government along with ICE also own several hydroelectric plants with capacity to produce close to 8 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.

There are many fdiverse factories scatted all about Costa Rica as well. The majority of these fatories  produce petroleum products, electorinic components, furniture, paper, textiles, clothes, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastic goods, shoes, cigars, cigarettes, and jewelry.

Almost all the industry in the country is found in San Jose, Costa Rica's capital city. If they are not based here they are in Alajuela, Heredia or Cartago. The majority of industry workers work for very small industries.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 24 percent of all industrial establishments process foods, drinks, and tobacco; 21 percent are metal and mechanic shops; 15 percent process wood, furniture, or other wooden products; 14 percent produce textile or leather products; 9 percent are in paper and printing; and 8 percent are in chemicals, rubber, and plastics.

It is interesting to note here that Costa Rica is also one of the main manufacturers for baseballs. Costa Rica is actually most famous and well known for the American baseballs used in the World Series, they manufacture in a plant near Turrialba in the province of Cartago. This is where the Rawlings Sporting Goods store has a factory. The factory measures over 54,000 meters squared, employs over 600 people, and also make sporting gear and wear.Everything is done and sewn by hand! They produce over 2.2 million baseballs per year, a shocking fact, knowing that baseball is hardly, if ever played in the country.

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