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Requirements to Obtain a Work Permit

This section describes the exact requirements needed to obtain a work permit. Note that immigration rules are constantly changing so there could be additional requirements and some requirements may have changed.

  1. A letter from the employee (translated) of interest directed to the Head of the department of Temporary Permits indicating the personal qualities of the person, the name of the Company they would like to work for, specialization of labor data, motive of why the employee is necessary, and how long the employee will be in the country.
  • Complete name
  • Name of parents
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Address where they are living currently
  • Where they plan to live in Costa Rica
  • Occupation
  • Title of Degree accompanied by resume


  1. A letter from the Company that presents its services, reason why you must contract a foreigner instead of a Costa Rican, the qualities of the person you want to hire, the specific position and responsibilities of the employee, and the time the company expects to spend in Costa Rica. This needs to be translated and the signature must be authenticated.
  2. A certification from the Social Security office that states the company is up to date with all of its payments.
  3. Notarial certification (Personeria) of the Capacity of a legal entity.
  4. Certified photocopy or the original judicial certificate (cedula juridica) of the company.
  5. Certified photocopies of the payroll of the company.
  6. Notarial certification of commercial draft of the company.
  7. A certified photocopy of the legal representative of the company.
  8. Certified photocopies of any degree, award, etc the employee has received that indicate their area of specialization which must be translated and LEGALIZED in the US at the Costa Rican Consulate by the Minister of Exterior Relations.
  9. According to the persons profession they must be associated here in Costa Rica with the correct professional bar which will give them an incorporation certificate ie a lawyer must register with Colegio de Abogados
  10. A certified letter from a public accountant stating the financial state of the company.
  11. Fill out the solicitation for temporary permit form.
  12. 8 passport size photos.
  13. Applicant's fingerprints registered into the government system.
  14. A photocopy of all of the pages of the passports certified, authenticated, and translated.
  15. After the approval of the work permit the company must:
    1) the company must make a contract following the guidelines and laws in Costa Rica
    2) Deposit to the Costa Rican government’s BCR account as a guarantee that the employee will leave the country when their services are no longer rendered. The deposit usually ranges between $1000 and $2000 USD.
  16. All of the above transactions and actions must take place within the legal period of time when the person is allowed to be inside Costa Rica depending on their nationality.

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