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Doing Business in Costa Rica

Just a short while ago many foreigners were only coming to Costa Rica to retire. Now they have come also to invest and enjoy country club lifestyle. Many North Americans are retiring earlier and perhaps with less and have realized their money can go much farther here. This surge in foreign presence has been created by the North American business climate. Nowadays in North America people are hired and fired when needed. This trend has forced young capable people who are interested in doing something exciting for the rest of their lives.

Before starting a business make sure that it is the right decision for the business. Doing business in Costa Rica can be complex, challenging, frustrating, bureaucratic, and let’s not forget in many cases dealings will be in another language.

One must ask oneself, if they ave enough know how and experience in a sector before jumping into something new. Owning a business in Costa Rica is not always a day at the beach.

If there is an opening for a new type of business in Costa Rica that is obvious and has not been filled, there is usually a major reason why not. Be careful, diligent, and participate in some type of research before considering starting a business in Costa Rica. Also, if neccessary hire some appropriate specialists to assist in the process.

This is not to say that all business in Costa Rica is unpleasant. Costa Rica has a friendly business climate with the government promoting foreign investment most business friendly in Latin America. Afterall, Costa Rica has been deemed Central America’s “Silicon Valley.”

Any investment that creates jobs, promotes tourism, and does not negatively impact the environment is welcomed. North Americans can succeed in business here because they bring a new fresh perspective, enthusiasm, experience, expertise, and imagination. Those who usually have the least success are the people who are trying to make tons of money in short amounts of time.

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