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City of Escazu

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Escazu - Escazu - San Jose - Costa Rica. This Central Valley city's full name is San Miguel de Escazu, and is also the capital city of the Escazu canton.

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The city of Escazu is located withing the province of San Jose in the Central Valley of Costa Rica.  Escazu was originally a colonial town, and encompasses a 4.38 sq km area spread over a mountainside located only 7 km to the west of the capital city San Jose.  With a population of 14,815 people,Escazu is considered to be one of the more upscale cities in the province.  This area is home to many foreign diplomats, and has a large expatriate community as well.

The city of Escazu lies at an elevation of 1,101 meter above sea level in the middle of Costa Rica's Central Valley.  The climate in Escazu is a considered to be a moist tropical zone.  It is not uncommon for there to be rain in Escazu while San Jose is dry and sunny.  Escazu also experiences heavy winds during the rainy season and winter months.

Escazu is a very modern city with a rich cultural heritage.  One can find an 18-hole champion golf course, numerous foreign embassies, and one of the largst and most modern malls in Central America, the Multiplaza.  Escazu has a very vibrant nightlife and is home to many fine dining establishments and restaurants.


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