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City of Santa Ana

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Santa Ana - Santa Ana - San Jose - Costa Rica. This Central Valley city is located just on the outskirts of the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose.

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The city of Santa Ana is another beautiful Central Valley town located in the province of San Jose.  Santa Ana is the seat of the canton of Santa Ana, and is nestled on the hills to the west of the mountain cities of San Jose and Escazu.  With roughly 34,500 people living in an area covering 61.4 square kilometers, Santa Ana is a tranquil mountain town with all of the modern amenities one could ask for.

Much like the city of Escazu, Santa Ana is a popular town among many foreign diplomats, expatriates, and their families.  Many have their homes in this upscale suburban area, and while only 15 minutes away from downtown San Jose, it offers all the perks of city life but with less noise and traffic.  Santa Ana is also home to many private bilingual schools that serve the expatriate and international population of the area.  Santa Ana also hosts a local fiesta every year, like most Costa Rican towns, complete with equestrian expeditions, food, games, and a bull ring.  All in all, Santa Ana is a great place to live or just visit during your time in Costa Rica.

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