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The Arts of Costa Rica

The Arts of Costa Rica are very diverse because in addition to the numerous local talented artists, a large number of foreign artist have made Costa Rica their home. From oil canvases to digital photography Costa Rica has it all. * Museums * Theaters * Paintings * Sculptures * Dancing * Literature * Cinematography * Music

The Arts of Costa Rica are diverse. Visitors and locals alike can enjoy a day of Dance or Music at a local Theatre or perhaps enjoy a presentation of Paintings or Photography at a local gallery. There are also countless Museums to be appreciated in the San Jose area and around the country. A walk around downtown San Jose can open one's eyes to a variety of different styles of Architecture from colonial to modern.  From oil canvases to digital photography, to Literature Costa Rica has it all from national to international artists who call Costa Rica home !

Currently the Ministry of Culture is very involved in promoting the arts, and therefore sponsors art lessons and Sunday exhibitions at city parks. There are also University art galleries, the Museo de Arte Costarricense, and many smaller galleries scattered throughout San Jose where one can see many different genres of painting.

We encourage anyone to email us pictures of your art to include in this section of our page. Below choose a category to follow our resources to help you find what you are most interested in.

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