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Arenal Canyoning Tour

Your treck will lead you thought the forest on some amazing trails that bring you to some of the most spectacular waterfalls that Costa Rica offers.

Before you embark on your canyoning journey, your will first be served breakfast on your arrival to the base, while admiring the breathtaking view of Arenal Volcano.

The trip will start out with a 30 minute off-road journey into the rainforest leading you to the designated  starting point by foot, where along the way you will see many of the forests animals and it's bio-diversity.

Once you arrive to the first series of falls, you will then start your rappel from the very top of the falls down into the canyon's base below.  From this point the canyons will lead you to each waterfall, while admiring the incredible wildlife and fauna.  You will have a chance to see monkeys, sloths, parrots and toucans. Eventually you will reach the large pools of water, where you can stop to have lunch and relax in this paradise.

Finally reaching the last canyon, you will retrun to the vehicle to transport you back to your hotel.



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