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Horseback Riding Waterfall Tour

An exciting horseback ride through the rain forest that brings you to a peaceful, isolated waterfall.

In many places in Costa Rica, it is not uncommon to see people that prefer the get from place to place by horseback than by car.  In addition, in rugged terrain like the Arenal area, you can go many places by horseback that are inaccessible by vehicles.  So if you love horses and exploring, try this horseback ride through the rain forest.  The trip starts on horseback with an hour ride through the jungle until you reach an area where the horses cannot pass, when you continue on foot.  Eventually you will reach the bottom of a spectacular waterfall where you can relax, take photos, have lunch, and swim.  You are also able to climb to the top of the waterfall where you will enjoy these breathtaking views from above, all the while observing the surrounding ecology of La Fortuna.  A must see during your vacations in and around La Fortuna.



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