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Cahuita & National Park

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Relaxing in Cahuita is almost unavoidable. The town sits on a small, rocky penisula and is bordered to the south by Cahuita National Park, and Playa Negra to the north.

Playa Negra is best known for it's incredibly well kept black sand beach, and is quite conducive to swimming and picturesque views. After spending the day on the beach or hiking through the national park, you can return to the town and enjoy a fantastic meal.

Cahuita National Park is a smaller park, but is one of the most popular though. People are drawn to the beautiful beaches, the reef and reef life, and the dense coastal rain forest. In fact, the coral reef is the only mature coral reef on the entire Atlantic Coast, home to smooth brain and Elkhorn corals. The forest provides a home to 3 toed sloths, opossums, fiddler crabs, raccoons, white-nosed coati and white faced capuchins.

2011 Animal Planet's show "Too Cute!Baby Sloths" was filmed in Cahuita.Baby sloths


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