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Tortuguero National Park

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Tortuguero and Tortuguero National Park lies on the Caribbean Ocean in the northern part of the Province of Limon. This location is famous for its Turtle visits and the National Park with hundreds of miles of beaches and mangrove channels to explore

Eco-tourists flock to this area for several reasons. The entire village is encompassed by natural forest, and Tortuguero is strewn with natural canals, rivers, and sweet water streams. The beaches here give nesting grounds to several types of turtles in the summer hence the name “Toruguero” which means “turtle” in Spanish. One tip for visitors is to check out the park after it rains, to catch the animals as they dry themselves after the downpour. Wildlife enthusiasts enjoy the possiblility of seeing turtles, green parrots, many species of monkeys and aquatic birds, sloths, frogs, iguanas, caimans, Jesus Christ Lizards, and even manatees. Turtle watching occurs from March to October, with the peak months being July and August

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