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Celeste River Hike

The Tenorio Volcano National Park hides and protects a little known natural treasure. The sky-blue Celeste River promises to be a unique experience.

Tenorio Volcano National Park protects the highlands of the southern part of the Guanacaste range as well as the water sources and biodiversity of the area. The volcano actually has two craters, Montezuma and Tenorio, and what makes this place unique is the Río Celeste (Spanish for light-blue river) has the color of the sky in the water.  Here two rivers with different chemical characteristics converge, have a chemical reaction that results in a turquoise pigmentation of the water.

Hot springs and waterfalls are also part of the scenic view of the park. Thermal water from volcanic origin will give you a natural relaxing feeling, while the application of volcanic mud exfoliates the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.  This park protects primary forest remnants of cloud or rainforest (depending on the elevation and slope). Although the access to the park is not difficult, this is a relatively unexplored area and you can enjoy the experience of walking around a pristine area.

The fauna protected in this park includes the tapir, several wild cats, tepezcuintles, sloths, umbrella birds, trogons, guans, freshwater fish, snakes, and a myriad of insects. The flora includes aguacatillos, heliconias, and several species of orchids. The jícaro danto is an endemic species of the Guanacaste range and can be found in this park; it's fruit are a favorite food of the tapir.

Tenorio National Park is at 16 km of Bijagua of Upala. There is a ranger station at the park, but the nearest housing facilities are in Bijagua. Upala town has a peculiar position between the Miravalles and Tenorio volcanoes and have a privileged view of both volcanoes.



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